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Info & Help

This is a mini-manual for the Webplayer, scroll down to read.

Icons and Buttons

Speaker with a wave line = Volume Down, Speaker with waves lines = Volume Up, BellBell with red slash = Turn On or Off notifications, Musical notes getting compressed = Switch stream and codec, Geneeric house with red slashGeneric house = Turn Off or On artist artwork, Paint palette = Switch skincolor.

Notifications can be turned on, you may be asked for permission when you enable it. Some browsers only allow notifications on secure domains. When enabled you should get a notification when the show name changes. Switching stream and codec let you change and set your preferred audio stream codec and bitrate, AAC is better than MP3 and HE-AAC is better than AAC and MP3 at low bitrates and Opus is best at all bitrates. Turning off artist artwork will disable loading of artwork, a placeholder is shown instead, this is a bandwidth saving feature. Switching skincolor will let you rotate between shades of colors.

Got a request?

The DJ will let you know on the air if they are currently accepting requests, if the DJ has the song or if the DJ feels the song fits his/her show then they may decide to play it. You can also send a small message or greeting to the DJ this way. When you hear your request is up to the DJ, please be courteous when making requests. Sometimes a DJ will use the request as a suggestion, they may also note your request until their next show.

Are there other ways to tune in to the stream?

Download GridStream Player or Download stream.m3u

or click on

or copy and paste into your player.

The GridStream Player installer is only 1 MB in size, and works on Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Tuning in to our stream requires a player that supports .M3U files and Opus/AAC(+)/MP3 streams. If you use a different player, we have a list of various recommended players for Windows / Mac / Android / iOS / Linux in our FAQ.

Need help tuning in?

Sometimes these technical things can disrupt your plans and leave you clueless, our tech support forum may have the answer you are looking for. If not then feel free to register an account (if you have not done so already) and ask for help there. The forum is monitored by GSP members and the community.

This station may broadcast some explicit or uncensored material and is not suitable for minors, parental discretion is advised.

GridStream is part of the TorontoCast Broadcast Network which is licensed through SOCAN.